Acrylic Safety Tub®: Options

Safety Tubs®: A Better Way to Bathe

Safety Tubs® Offers the Latest Technology for Healthy, Luxurious Bathing.

Once used only in hospitals and health spas, warm bath therapies are effective treatments for symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, back pain and other common ailments. While soaking in warm water alone can increase circulation and relieve certain types of pain, the addition of hydro jet and air bubble massage greatly increases the overall health benefits of a warm bath.

Safety Tub® Whirlpool Options:

  • Dual Massage System™: The Best of Both Worlds
    Perhaps you prefer the light, softer bubbles of an air massage bath one day and the invigorating hydrotherapy jets the next, or want to experience both at once. With Safety Tubs® Dual Massage System™, you can set the mood with a touch of a button by selecting our Hydro Massage Air Bubble System™, our Hydro Massage Jet System™, or both for the ultimate bathing experience!

    • Premium adjustable jet system
    • Deluxe Back Massage
    • Legs Only Massage™
    • Five Star air bubble system for a complete gentle massage
    • Quiet variable speed heated blower
    • Neck pillow
    • Self-cleaning Sanitary System – Ozone
  • Hydro Massage Jet System™: The Water Will Move You
    This system consists of specially designed, powerful — but never harsh — water jets that distribute water currents wider and deeper than ordinary spa jets. Customize the flow rate and direction for the jets, tailoring the effects to achieve your own customized level of comfort.

    • Premium adjustable jet system
    • Deluxe Back Massage
    • Legs Only Massage™
    • Self-cleaning Sanitary System – Ozone
  • Hydro Massage Air Bubble System™: Relax the Body and the Mind
    This system consists of numerous air injectors that send thousands of air bubbles bouncing throughout the tub to create a soft, all-over body experience. You’ll find yourself relaxing fully as you enjoy the sensation of a gentle skin massage.

    • Variable speed controls
    • Five Star air bubble system for a complete gentle massage
    • Quiet variable speed heated blower

Other Options:

  • In-Line Heater: Warm and Cozy All The Time!
    The heater is an easy add-on feature that maintains your bath water at a comfortable, consistent temperature. No need to constantly add more warm water!
  • Minute Drain™ Patent Pending
    Fast draining. No waiting.

    • The Minute Drain™ is a powered pump that evacuates water up to 8 times faster than conventional draining systems
    • Fast water evacuation means virtually no waiting to exit tub after bathing
    • Includes pump, safety suction, & on/off button which allows for quick & easy operation
    • Patented draining system designed by world class engineers
    • Requires no additional plumbing outside the tub
  • Chromatherapy
    Healing with color & light

    • Safety Tubs® offers healing color & light therapy for walk-in bathtubs
    • Our chromatherapy option features multicolored lights positioned in the basin of the tub, illuminating the water & enhancing your bathing experience
  • Aromatherapy
    Mood enhancing relaxation

    • Combining hydrotherapy & aromatherapy for the ultimate in relaxation
    • Our aromatherapy starter kit contains four fragrances, automatically distributed throughout your Safety Tub® while running the jet or air bubble massage systems
  • Premium Faucet with Personal Shower: Fills Tub in Half the Time
    Safety Tubs® optional premium fixtures have generous flow rates, allowing you to fill your Safety Tub® two times faster than other walk-in tubs! This means you’ll spend less time sitting while waiting for the tub to fill, and the water will have less time to cool. You’ll enjoy longer periods of warm soaking time and decrease the number of times you need to reheat the water, saving energy and money! The Safety Tubs® hand-held shower can be mounted on the tub or on the wall with the optional hand glide bar allowing you to convert your walk-in bathtub into an easy-to-use and attractive shower. Use the shower unit standing up or sitting down for peace of mind and security while bathing.
  • Air-Filled Neck Pillow
    Plush waterproof pillow provides the ultimate relaxation

    • Air inflatable, puncture resistant, ergonomically shaped neck pillow for maximum bathing comfort
    • Included with Dual Massage System™
  • Decorative Grab Bar with Handshower Glide
  • Left Hand or Right Hand Door for Any Bathroom Configuration
  • Anti-Scalding Valve Protects Bather From Hot Water Burns
  • Tile or Flat Wall Surround System

Notes: Also available as a soaking tub.