Acrylic Safety Tub®: Features

Safety Tubs®: The Best Value In Walk-in Bathtubs

ACRYLIC: The Preferred Bathtub Material

Safety Tubs® is the inventor and manufacturer of acrylic walk-in bathtubs. Acrylic is the material of choice for leading bathtub manufacturers and trade professionals throughout the world and offers many advantages over fiberglass:

  1. Non-porous germ and stain resistant surface provides a healthier bathing environment.
  2. Increased durability means the surface resists fading, staining, chipping and cracking.
  3. High-gloss finish is easier to clean and keeps its luster longer.
  4. Better heat retaining properties for warmer water.

Patented T5™ Door System

Revolutionary T5™ Door Frame provides strength and durability

  • Maintains tub strength with moisture changes in the bathroom
  • Provides a completely flat surface for a watertight seal
  • Integral hinge channel for absolute door alignment
  • Dedicated seal track allows for easy field replacement
  • Non-corrosive, color-matched aluminum construction

Santoprene® T5™ Watertight Door Seal is guaranteed not to leak, for life

  • Durable material maintains shape for years of trouble-free use
  • Specially engineered bulb & base ensures watertight seal
  • Resistant to UV, fatigue, water, acids, oils & lubricants
  • Easy to clean

Robust T5™ Door Hinge always functions properly

  • Premium grade aluminum for strength & durability
  • Stainless steel stake pin for longevity
  • Non-corrosive color-matched finish
  • Engineered for smooth operation

Soft Touch T5™ Door Handle System provides easy use

  • Remarkably engineered for watertight seal
  • Stainless steel sloped strike plate insures secure closure
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort & ease of operation
  • Specially designed for minimal closing effort

Elegantly Styled T5™ Finishing Caps boast beautiful attention to detail

  • Prevents water penetration at top of door seal
  • Non-corrosive, color-matched aluminum
  • Provides finish detail to the T5™ door system

Chair-Height, Built-In Seat for Easy Sitting and Standing

The built-in, contoured, chair-height seat – standard in all Safety Tubs® – means you won’t find yourself struggling to sit or stand. Safety Tubs® are nearly twice as deep as regular bathtubs so you’ll enjoy much more room to soak. Go ahead! Submerge yourself and enjoy a luxurious bathing experience!

Whirlpool Options Turn Your Bathroom Into a Health Spa

With the Safety Tubs® Dual Massage System™ you can choose from three options: select our Hydro Massage Air Bubble System™, our Hydro Massage Jet System™ or both for the ultimate bathing experience!

Legs Only Massage™ System

(Jet & Dual Massage Systems Only)

  • A therapeutic massage for your lower extremities
  • Fill the tub half-way for a quick leg massage
  • Shuts off or reduces flow of back and thigh jets
  • Easy to operate

Built-In Safety Bar and Textured Floor Make Bathing Safe

The built-in safety bar and textured tub floor adds even more security and further increases your peace of mind. Every detail about the Safety Tubs® walk-in bathtub is designed for your independence, safety, comfort and convenience.