The Versatile 48″ x 28″ Walk-In Bath

Like the 51″ x 26″ model, the 48″ x 28″ is designed to fit in smaller spaces but is also sized to go in the same space as a shower unit. It provides full-body, therapeutic baths in places where most other walk-in tubs won’t fit. The 48″ x 28″ tub has the patented full-sized, U-shaped T5 System tub door for easy entry and exit, a built-in chair height seat for easy up and down, and a low threshold to make getting in and out a snap. In addition, the 48″ x 28″ tub comes with the same options as larger Safety Tubs’® acrylic tubs, making it a popular choice for more budget-minded consumers.


48″ long x 28″ wide x 38″ high

Operating Capacity

45 gallons


Gel Coat