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March 25th, 2009

Super-Fast Drains and Luxury Spa Features Herald New Era of Walk-In Tubs

Low-threshold door design improves accessibility and safety

Dallas, TX – Walk into a luxurious hydrotherapy experience with the next generation of walk-in bathtubs. Featuring the most desirable home spa amenities-deeper soaking dimensions, bubble jets, chromatherapy and aromatherapy-today’s walk-in tubs have faster drains, low threshold doors and self-cleaning technologies.

For about the same price as traditional whirlpools, Safety Tubs® walk-in tubs offer patented and patent-pending comfort-enhancing exclusives including:

  • The Minute Drain™ that empties Safety Tubs up to eight times faster than conventional drains eliminating the discomfort of waiting to exit.
  • The patented T5™ Door System that eliminates the need to step over the front of the tub allowing safe and effortless entry, and guaranteed watertight for life.

Water healing, or hydrotherapy, has been used for thousands of years to treat common ailments such as arthritis, back pain, muscle cramps and many others said Rob Buete, chief executive officer of Safety Tubs, LLC.

“It’s not an experience you can get from a shower,” Buete said. “To make hydrotherapy a reality for more people, Safety Tubs invested in what matters most to users: eliminating the discomfort of waiting for the water to drain, and making it easier to get in and out of the tubs.

The Minute Drain is a powered pump that drains water up to eight times faster than typical drains. Equipped with safety suction and an on/off control, the Minute Drain is easily activated with a touch of a button. The Minute Drain requires no additional plumbing.

The T5™ Door System Technology has a watertight seal created by the Safety Tubs Santoprene® tube that runs the length of the door edge and sits snugly against the doorframe. As water fills the tub and the water pressure against the door increases, the weight of the water further compresses the tube, creating an even tighter seal and preventing any water leaks. The door cannot be opened when water is in the tub.

Tested to support over 350lbs, the T5™ Door System aluminum frame and hinge prevent the tub from warping or twisting over time due to moisture changes in the bathroom. It is designed to be easy for bathers to open and close.

All Safety Tub models have comfortable built-in wide contoured seats and a built-in color-matched handrail. Options include:

  • The Hydro Massage Air Bubble System™, Hydro Massage Jet System™ or both in the Dual Massage System™.
  • The exclusive Legs Only Massage™ option directs the flow of water solely to the well area of the tub for a quick, rejuvenating leg massage.
  • A Deluxe Back Massage of multiple, strategically positioned jets for the most comfortable and therapeutic lower back massage available.
  • Chromotherapy with multicolored lights in the basin of the tub to illuminate the water.
  • An aromatherapy kit with four fragrances, distributed through the jet or air bubble massage systems.
  • A self-cleaning sanitary system that oxidizes and eliminates disease-causing microorganisms.
  • An in-line heater to keep water warm, eliminating the need for refills and reducing water and energy usage.
  • Premium faucets with rapid fill rates and scald-prevention.
  • Hand-held shower for the added convenience and safety of seated showering
  • Sizes that fit existing tub spaces to minimize installation costs, as well as larger sizes. A bath extension kit adjusts smaller Safety Tubs to fit an existing recess.

The first to engineer cast acrylic walk-in tubs, Safety Tubs baths are supported by a patent-pending freestanding, precision welded metal support frame. Since acrylic is nonporous, the tubs are better able to resist mold, mildew and staining over time, making them low-maintenance and easy to clean. Safety Tubs retain their color and luster to stay in showroom condition year after year.

“Walk-in tubs can help many people feel better while maintaining their independence and dignity,” Buete said. “Everything about Safety Tubs is designed to give you the freedom to bathe on your own, in safety, comfort and convenience. The freedom will change your life!”

Safety Tubs brand walk-in tubs are available nationwide through home centers and select plumbing showrooms. Suggested list prices range from $4,700 for a bathing pool model up to $9,800 for a fully loaded 60-inch Dual Massage model.

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Safety Tubs® come with luxury home spa amentities

Only Safety Tubs® offer the Patent-Pending Minute Drain™ technology